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Automated insights across critical metrics

Follow metrics such as AOV, Repurchase rate, Bounce rate and Conversion rate. Make smarter business decisions without the hassle of maintaining spreadsheets and get the best out of your business data.

Average order value

One of the most popular metrics to monitor. Directly improve your profit and revenue growth by improving your average order value over time.

Add-to-cart rate

The add-to-cart rate can help you evaluate the success of a marketing campaign, or to find usability issues on your site.

Bounce rate

High bounce rates could indicate that ads attract irrelevant website traffic that do not convert or interact with the website.

Conversion rate

Optimise your conversion rate to lower your customer aquisition cost by getting more value from the current visitors to your store.

Repurchase rate

A metric that provide a percentage rate of customers that have placed another order within a specified period of time.

Repeat customers

How much of your business is coming from returning customers and how much is coming from first time buyers?


All you need to boost your marketing

Marketers can improve campaigns greatly with better knowledge of the target audience, lifetime value and what campaigns that actually contributes to purchases. Our artificial intelligence based predictive analytics helps you in devising effective marketing strategies.

Customer Lifetime Value

What is the value of your customers? Do they return and how much money do they spend? Collect data to know the real value of your business users.

Attribution and source of purchase

Where did your customers come from? What ad source did they interact with prior to purchase? These useful insights based on real data can be used to optimise your marketing strategy.

Segmentation and cohort analysis

All customers are not the same. Understand various groups of customers better with cohort analysis to take smarter decisions and achieve business goals effectively.

business intelligence used to devise effective marketing strategies

Unleash the full power of data

Everything you need to convert, engage, and retain more users.


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