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Getting started with Engage

This guide will walk you through how to get started with Engage.

Published 10 Jan 2022

Engage is an AI powered Customer Data Platform, or CDP, that enables merchants to collect, analyze and use customer data to improve operations. Since merchants also require insights on sales and orders we’ve extended the functionality with featurs not always found in CDPs to better cover the need of a merchant.

Whichever use case you like to explore, you will need data to do it. Therefore the Engage onboarding strarts with setting up connections to your store to retrieve the data needed. This done either via one our pre-built platform specific plugins, or via custom data capture techniques. Both methods are described below.

Connecting via a plugin

The easiest way to get setup on Engage is to use one of our plugins. They automatically connect your store to Engage and retrieve the needed data. They also implement the tracker in your store and automatically starts tracking event level, granular, data. To get started with the plugins, simply login to Engage, head over to Integrations and select the plugin you want to use. Most plugins should be installed from the e-commerce platforms marketplace, if so you will be asked to do so when trying to activate the integration inside Engage.

Step by step:

  • Log in to Engage
  • Go to Integrations
  • Activate your plugin
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

Custom setup

If you’re not on one of our supported platforms, and your platform won’t be supported in the near future, you may still use Engage with a custom setup. A custom setup usually requires a bit more work from your end, but an advantage is that you can tailor the solution according to your requirements.

“If you aren't on one of our supported platforms, reach out and inquire about the roadmap for when your platform will be supported. We are continously adding platforms and yours may be just around the corner. And in any case we will help you to get started.”

— Alexander Ekdahl, CEO

As when using a plugin Engage needs to retrieve data from your store. Engage requires master data such as store information and products, transactional data such as sales orders and event data such as product viewed and order completed.

Custom APIs

Use our custom API to send us the store data needed. The API specifications can be found here for order data and here for product data, and all you need is an API key that you can retrieve when logging into Engage.

Custom tracking

Custom tracking gives you full controll of the events you want to track. We recommend to always include our main events, but you may skip some, or add more events as you see fit. Read the documentation here for more information on how to get started with tracking.

Start using Engage

When the store connection is setup and running, Engage automatically starts to build the data pipelines and AI models used throughout Engage. Depending on the data volumes this takes a while to complete but you will start seeing Reports, analytics and personalization models become available as it completes.

Data and Integrations

Starting when the tracker is implemented you may integrate your data to other tracker destinations, ofter called pixels. You may for example activate the Facebook Pixel or the Google Tag destinations to send your tracked data to Facebook and Google Analytics. Check out the destinations on the iintegrations page to learn more about the destinations you may use.

When you capture data using Engage we automatically organize, clean and store your data for you. We have a general 2 years data retention policy, sensitive data is encrypted upon ingestion and you may at any point push your data to any of our supported locations. It is important to us that the data is accessible and useable to you. Whenever you need it. Below is a list of currently supported data warehouse destinations where you may push your data.

  1. Google BigQuery
  2. Google Cloud Storage
  3. Snowflake
  4. Azure Analytics
  5. AWS Redshift
  6. AWS S3
Analytics and reports

Engage provide both standard and advanced reports out of the box to quickly enable new insights to merchants. Regardless if you are looking for a basic sales report, sales attribution or a comparisson of customer segments, Engage can help you find answers and insights.


Most merchants at some point wants to get started with personalization. With Engage you can get started with powerful product recommendations within hours of signing up for our service. We offer a wide range of models and we are happy to connect and discuss the scenario that would be most useful for you. But you may also explore the options yourself and setup the model you like.

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