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Precise event tracking and
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Capture granular events in your store and send them
across to your favorite marketing tools.

Precise event data tracking and analysis reports
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Advanced event tracking

Precise event tracking allows you to track interactions at any platform any time.

Pre-built tracking

All major e-commerce events are tracked out-of-the-box on the major e-commerce platforms. Precision tracking allows you to capture cleaner event data.

Custom tracking

Track any event you like with our robust system for custom event tracking. Tracking custom events was never easier!

Server-side tracking

Send event data directly to us from your server. Or send it from us to Google analytics, Facebook, etc. regardless of event type.


Capture once, power all your marketing tools

Implement event tracking to capture granular e-commerce events and send consistent data across to
all of your favorite marketing tools.

Capture once

Setting up individual trackers for every service and tool using events are no longer required. Define and setup events that you want to track once, and let Engage capture the data and send them across to your tools.

Consistent data

Precision tracking ensures that the captured data is clean, consistent and reliable. Power all your tools with the same data and avoid issues related to poor, missing or lack of data.

One-click integrations

All destinations can be activated through our point-and-click interface. simply select your destiantions, add credentials and configure the events to be sent. Get the best event tracking reports with ease and simplicity.

One-click third party platform integration

Unleash the full power of data

Everything you need to convert, engage, and retain more users.


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Revenue boost

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