Put Your Data To Work

Powerful e-commerce analytics and AI-powered personalization to boost your business.

Key Analytics At Your Fingertips

Keep track of key performance indicators such as average order value, revenue per customer and newly acquired customers.
Customer dashboard
Gain insights in your customers as you acquire
them and through out the customer lifecycle.
Recommendations report
Monitor and improve the performance of your
AI-powered product recommendations.

Know Your Revenue

By Order Status
Is your revenue potential tapped out? Break down your revenue by order status.
By Day of Week
When are you driving most sales? Spend your ad budget where it counts.
By Country
Where is your revenue coming from? Get your sales per country.
By Hour of Day
Be prepared. Know the critical hours of your business.
By City
Focus your spend on the best locations. Get your sales performance by city.
By Currency
Support the right currencies. Break down your revenue by currency.
Best discovery of 2020, a great way to improve your e-commerce. In such a competitive environment as the online market, a tool like engage allow you to make a difference and offer a better experience to your users. And, of course, increase your incomes.
- Miguel Ángel Pérez, E-commerce manager at infanity.es

Use your data to boost revenue and customer experience

Our recommendation engine serves relevant content to your visitors which drives increased revenue through cross-sell and up-sell activities. While also improving your customer experience by simplifying the task of finding products and navigate your store.

Our recommendations are involved in up to 15% of our customers recieved orders. Your investment is usually returned within a week.

Display product recommendations

Seamlessly integrate the recommendation engine and display recommendations in your store.

Simple setup on any platform

And we provide native plugins for

Pay as you go

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100k Recommendations
E-commerce analytics
Models refresh interval: 48h
Basic support
$7 /mo
500k Recommendations
E-commerce analytics
Models refresh interval: 24h
Standard support
$19 /mo
1M Recommendations
E-commerce analytics
Models refresh interval: 12h
Priority support
$32 /mo
10M Recommendations
E-commerce analytics
Models refresh interval: 6h
Premium support
$124 /mo
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Payments and billing
We use Stripe as our preferred partner to manage online payments and billing. We do not collect billing information upon signup.
Is there a free trial?
We offer a Free 14 days trial. It provides access to the platform and our services for you to try out and get started.