Capture Once,
Use Everywhere

One Simple way to collect all your data and make it avaialable everywhere

Capture Your Data

E-commerce stores produces tons of useful data every day. Most of it are never collected, nor used. Often it is captured by a Google Analytics, or Facebook Pixel tracker for basic insights and marketing but the data is not accessible for you and you can't really use it elsewhere. Unless you configured these trackers properly, they do not track individual events or actions taken by your visitors. And if you are to properly configure them you must do so for each tracker individually.


Collect Data With Ease

The engage platform makes it easy to capture and store your visitor data. Using only a few lines of code you can collect accurate and clean data based on any event or action your visitors take, and send it to any third party tracker you may use.

Detailed Data

Store Granular Data

Your data is stored raw and in it's most granular form to ensure you can use it in anyway you like. If you like to store your data yourself, you may setup a data warehouse destination to receive daily batches of data from us.

We currently support Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Azure SQL, AWS S3 and AWS Redshift as data warehouse destinations.


Put Your Data To Use

Once collected, your data is ready to be used right away. Explore your customers, gain new insights or train models for personalization. Engage offer a wide range of analytics and third party integrations that your data can power.

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