Insights as a Service

engage collects data, transform it for analysis, runs analytical algorithms, and prepare visualizations.

Automated Insights

Get automated analytics, derived models and prepared visualizations out of the box. The engage platform constantly adds new models and generate new insights for you to use to boost your store experience and revenue.


Get answers fast

Build reports and create cohorts using workflows that do not require any code or SQL knowledge. Set filters, rules and visualizations to answer your questions, and use breakdown metrics to go even further..


Always Up To Date

All your reports are kept up to date wih new data as it comes into the engage platform. No need for any manual updates. The same is true for any audience created or model trained.


Machine Learning

The engage platform automates machine learning tasks such as customer segmentation and product recommendations for you. Coupled with powerful APIs and a simple user interface it enables you to use these models to bring recommendations to your store or email sendouts, as well as exploring your customers within the platform.

Example of useful machine learning models on engage are Automated RFM Segmentation, Customer Profile Similarity and Product Recommendation Engine.

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